Discovering the DAM

Before her internship started, Erica had a two week orientation that consisted of a tour of the museum, observing visitors, and learning about the DAM’s programming. One of the programs the DAM offers is a “backpack” activity for children. There are several colored backpacks that a child can choose that relate to the different museum collections. Each pack focuses on one or more specific objects and the child  completes a creative activity relating to the object in the gallery.

Backpack carts

Backpack Carts

Other programs include board games and “Create-n-Take” stations. These stations are set up throughout the museum and all relate to a different theme. For example a Create-n-Take was creating “Tupu” pins, brooches similar to ones that were worn by Pre-Columbian and Spanish Colonial women.



Of her experience of being at the DAM, Erica said, “DAM manifested much of what I thought was the potential of a museum, particularly an art museum, and I was very excited to experience a place that confirmed these possibilities.”