Finding the DAM

North Building window

Window of the DAM North Building

Erica looked for internships based upon where she had friends and family whom she could reside with during the duration of her internship. As suggested by Erica, this is a common practice when deciding upon which internships to apply to. Erica applied to  internships that fit her location criteria and fit  her interests. Because her interests are so focused, she had narrowed down her search of places to apply. The DAM internship appealed to her because the museum is very visitor focused. The DAM emphasizes the visitor experience in its programming and exhibitions and wants its staff to be aware of the visitor perspective. She almost did not get the internship at Denver because all the internship positions had been filled by the time she applied but the position she received opened after she submitted her application. Erica does not know how much of it was luck or if it was because she was so focused in her interests and goals.