The Internship

North Building

North Building of the DAM

Erica’s internship lasted 10 weeks working eight hours a day, three days a week. She completed the DAM’s Education-driven Collection Research Internship. Erica’s supervisor was the Associate Director of Education at the DAM. Her job was to conduct research on three works of art with the end goal of creating information packets for the docents called “Talking with Visitors” sheets, which are used during the DAM’s “Highlights” tours. The “Highlights” tour is a walk-through of selected objects in the museum’s exhibits. Erica conducted her research on-site mainly by using the Denver Art Museum Library. The library is comprehensive, focusing on materials that relate to its exhibits. Because the DAM has an extensive Spanish Colonialism and Pre-Columbian collection, the library has many resources pertaining to those subjects, which was useful for Erica’s research. Although the staff in the education department is large, Erica mostly worked by herself and reporting to her supervisor. On the days that she had off, Erica took online Spanish courses for her art history degree.