Biggest Challenge

Discovery LibraryFor the most part, Erica’s internship went smoothly. During her research, she would be occasionally frustrated that the information was not directly related to what she wanted. However, this was not a frequent problem. The biggest challenge she had to face was at the end of her internship. She had to present her research findings to her supervisor and wanted to have a physical and digital file of all the work she had done, in addition to compiling a OneNote file of her resources. While printing her physical copies, the printer ran out of toner. She did not want to bother her supervisor about it, but because of the printer, she was not able to have the physical file for her supervisor. Erica took on a little more work than she could handle given the 10 week time period to get everything done. She realized the importance of time management and fitting everything in, but she also wanted to do all the work because she enjoyed it.

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