The Objects

Erica’s internship involved researching three objects to create information packets for the docents

Two of the objects Erica researched were portraits of Simón de la Valle y la Cuadra and María del Carmen Cortés Santelizes y Cartavio. Her provenance research uncovered information about the artist, the purpose of the portraits, and symbolism. For example, the depiction of the quill and prayer book suggest literacy by both. This, along with the choice in clothing and jewelry, indicates that Simón and María came from a wealthy class.

Simon      Maria

The third object Erica worked on was a Colombian Chest. Her research discovered that the chest was made by an indigenous artisan in the 1700s. These chests were used to hold fragile items and clothing. Since the chest is elaborately decorated, it was probably owned by an elite family. There are 39 animals depicted on the chest. Some have been identified, others have not.


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